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What is the Point of Team Small Dog?

What do you mean? Of my team of small dogs or the website?

The website. I don't get it. Is it to sell t-shirts?

No-I am trying to BUILD THE BRAND OF DOG AGILITY! And make it the new black.

I thought brown was the new black?

I think it's grey this season. I get confused. But black is always the black even if there is a new black which is brown or gray. Or pink for spring.

Isn't this impossible?

Just you wait. Go try some dog agility! You will just be clamoring to start driving to places like Turlock and Dixon and not even worrying about what color is in because you are so happy about the dog agility!

I thought you were a graphic designer?

I used to be a graphic designer. This confuses EVERYBODY. OK, here's the thing. I always was an artist, just the plain kind. And I liked dogs and horses. I worked full time as a horse trainer through college, getting my art degree. Although I quit a few times. Then I was just a horse trainer. Then I quit to go to grad school and get an MFA. And just be an artist. Except part of the time I worked as a horse trainer. Then I got out of grad school, and worked for a little bit of time as a horse trainer. And tried to be a regular artist. Then I quit and became graphic designer. Then I quit and became a horse trainer. Do you see a pattern here?

Why don't you get a border collie?

They don't fit into my tiny house.

How do you tell Ruby and Otterpop apart?

Ruby has a stub and Otterpop has a tail. Tail is like a popsicle stick=pop=Otterpop. Also Otterpop is speckly, part of the naughty spotty dog club.

Where are my keys?

I can't find my keys either.

What kind of dogs are those?

Timmy is a fluffy type, possibly part Pomeranian. We believe of spitz descent. Ruby is a terrier I betcha. Otterpop has proven herself as a cattle dog chihuahua is my highest belief. I am totally out on Gustavo. He even had a DNA test but we never heard back from them. He is commonly referred to as a Border Chi, although I think he is a terrier too. No, the 3 team runners are not Timmy's babies. Ha-I didn't even let you ask that one.

Don't you know dog agility will never be cool?

Did Karl tell you to say that?

You can't answer a question with a question in a FAQ.

OK. Look. In my mind, I really want to be a cool person and I always go horribly off track. Even in my cool artist days going to the art openings and bars in San Francisco and LA I felt horribly uncool and underdressed. I taught at CalArts, that didn't make me cool. Also it isn't even cool to use the word cool anymore but I don't know what word is. So here is the idea here, let's just try it with dog agility now! I am nothing if not persistent. If it doens't work, it doesn't work. But I have all these friends who actually are cool and I thought if they all started doing dog agility it would be SO MUCH FUN!